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These are some of the facilities on offer to you and some of our needs:-

  • Clubs ~ help in various ways needed. Please contact individual Club Leaders (see Clubs page)
  • Support/Welfare ~ for advice and assistance contact ~ Ms. Jeanette Rose - 01753 866267 or email:
  • Membership ~ contact Membership Secretary - Mr. A. Kremenstein - 01628 632434
  • Volunteers ~ are always needed - not only for the Clubs, but for driving the mini-bus which we operate.   Having our own transport is a great asset in delivering members to the Clubs and for outings.

For additional information on Maidenhead Mencap - or volunteering you are invited to contact either the Chairman, Mr. John Foulger (01628 631208) or the Publicity Officer, Miss Valerie Bosley (01628 630622)

Birkbeck College at the University of London are asking for help in a study of how young adults with Downs Syndrome interpret the meaning of facial expressions.

The following letter has been received from Dr Ines Mares of Birkbeck Univerity asking for help with a study she is conducting. Are you able to help?

Subject: Research - Birkbeck university

Hi there,

My name is Dr Ines Mares and I am part of a team of researchers working at the University of London that is investigating how adults with Down Syndrome read and understand the information communicated in human faces. The social ability to understand others emotions and to recognize others is critical for our day to day lives. However, we still know little about these abilities in individuals (particularly adults) with Down Syndrome and the Leverhulme Trust has funded our work to find out more.

We are currently looking for volunteers aged between 18 and 35 to participate in our study, and we were hoping you might be able to share our study information with your members and their parents or carers. I have attached a flyer with more information about our study, click here, and we also have a website with more information on it:

More specific details about our study:

We are running two activity sessions (or just one if preferred). These sessions can be run here at the university in Central London, or anywhere that is convenient: we are happy to travel. Each session takes around 2 hours (including generous breaks), and participants will be asked to play specially designed computer games that involve looking at faces presented on a screen and making judgments about them (e.g., Emotional expression judgments: ‘Is this person happy?’ and Identity judgments: ‘Is that Tom?’). Participants are rewarded with a small gift for their time and we are happy to discuss with them about our studies and what we are investigating.

If it is okay, I will give you a call soon to talk about our project.

I can be contacted by email, or phone 07808529897 -  I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you or they might have about the research.

Very best wishes,
(Birkbeck University)

The Research Team
Dr Marie Smith (Birkbeck University); Dr Louise Ewing (University of East Anglia), Professor Emily Farran (University of Surrey)