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Issue  No.4   April 2019.

It has been a busy month. We began with the Annual General Meeting that gave us the opportunity to study the accounts, to elect our committees and to have a general get-together.
Our Treasurer/Membership Secretary noted that several regular members had not rejoined. Membership forms are always available at Highview on club nights . They can also be obtained from Mr Kremenstein or by applying to me, email Monday Club members pay their annual subs, but we seem to have lost some of their parents.

We have a notification from Signal of a Carer's Forum to be held at Cox Green Community Centre, 51 Highfield Lane, Cox Green, Maidenhead SL6 3AX
The Carers Network is for local unpaid carers and anyone involved with providing support and services for unpaid carers, and it aims to capture your views and share updates.
This forum is to be held on Wednesday 17th April from 11am-2pm.
11:00-11:15         Registration and tea/coffee.
11:15-12:00         Advance Directives, DNRs & DNCPRs
12:00-12:30         Lunch
12:30-13:30         Lasting Power of Attorney
13:30-14:00         Current issues for carers.
Both Carers and Professionals are welcome to attend. Professionals will be asked to leave after lunch.
Places are limited and includes free lunch. Please advise if you will be attending and if you have access or dietary requirements. Tel: 01628 947974     

You are invited to attend a free public event on 1st May from 7.30-9.30pm, at the Spencer Denney Day Centre, Park Corner, Windsor SL4 4EB.
The event will be an opportunity to see simple tools, devices and services designed to help people who have difficulties with general daily living to stay as well and independent as possible. Devices to support unpaid carers will also be available. The organisers are keen for the word to be spread around to anybody who you think will be interested in attending the event.
Refreshments will be available. Free gift for the first 30 members of the public.
This event is provided by Optalis. You are invited to share this invitation with anyone who you think would benefit from attending or has an interest in equipment to support daily living.
details Tel: 01628 670117                email:

Spring is here!! The garden at Highview is waking up. The daffodils are lovely and have so far survived the onslaught of tricycles and pedal cars from Highview Toy Library. Maybe their respite has been limited now that the dry days have made it possible for Hugh to cut the lawn.

Work has been done on the roof and repairs made to the rooms that had been affected by the leak. We apologise to the Alzheimer's group who had a training meeting in the Committee room that had turned into a 'snowstorm'. It has now been repainted and cleared up. We are always so grateful that Trev Cloke and his team from Hamilton Roofing are always willing to assist in an emergency. Sometimes, however, the work extends for longer periods than expected- as happened in this case.

Get well soon Jeanette.
We are missing Support Worker Jeanette a great deal. She is still suffering from a problem with her shoulder, so she is unable to drive. We hope that the treatment is successful and that she will soon be back among us.


And now some very special news

Monday Club member Abbie-Gayle McCabe was married at High Street Methodist Church to Jason Yannacopoulos. Jason has been an occasional helper at Monday Club, although he is a Morris Dancer, so he is often engaged in practising elsewhere on Monday evenings. Everybody at Highview knows that they are both very special people.

We have a copy of the marriage service and I personally felt that their choice of hymns was superb. They included 'Be still in the presence of the Lord.'  'Love Divine' and 'Lord of all hopefulness'. This final hymn always brings back memories of my schooldays, because we called it the 'all-day hymn'. It asks the Lord to be present at the break of the day, at noon, at the eve and at the end. What more could anybody ask? Abbie-Gayle has overcome many problems and we are all pleased to be part of her now wonderful future. We send our very best wishes to Abbie-Gayle and Jason.

Monday Club- 'follow that'
Club members have had a busy month. Pancake night is always exciting as they have the  choice of the various fillings offered and all tucked in to pancakes for supper.

Bingo nights are always popular as most people get a prize. Colin sends thanks to all who so generously provide the prizes.
Singing and Karaoke provides the opportunity for the most reserved members to stand up at perform. There are some good voices among the club members. There is no rivalry. All efforts are greatly cheered and enjoyed.

Pizza Night was another opportunity to forget waistlines and just tuck in. It was a good evening.

Wednesday Club
Club nights are less boisterous, but equally enjoyed by all who attend. Most weeks there is a request for a 'Get well' card or a special birthday greeting. Lindy and Patsy are very good at creating these cards and they are taken home with pride, even if crumpled. One member is particularly keen to produce the card, but unwilling to part with it. We assume that it  eventually reaches the intended recipient. One of the carers is particularly good at making cakes, so she works with the residents in producing something splendidly gooey, bringing it to club and watching it disappear with enthusiasm.

Members also enjoy their jigsaw puzzles and colouring. Hugh's disco is always in the background and in the last few weeks has included the Hokey-cokey. Hugh also has instructions to always include 'Waterloo' as that is my favourite.


Valerie Bosley