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Issue  No.8   August 2019.

We are now well into Summer and enjoying some gloriously hot days, maybe too hot for some people. The back garden at Highview, has been trimmed[ actually it's had one hell of a trim, but it will grow again]. Hugh has been keeping the lawn in good order and Colin and Margaret from Monday Club have spent time with the Sensory Garden, that is looking great. The hanging baskets are also very attractive.

So many people are helped at Highview. The Alzheimer's Society have the office here and they organise activities for their members and friends. Among their facilities is the provision of Singing Sessions over the lunchtime on Mondays. This activity is very much appreciated by sufferers and carers alike. It is well-known that singing old songs can stimulate the brain. It's good fun too.

The Voluntary Car Service, formerly Volunteer Bureau, has had an office at Highview for around 40 years. They organise transport for elderly, sick and disabled people to enable them to attend hospital and doctor's appointments.

When the Local Authority closed Berkshire Carers Service, we not only lost a wonderful organisation, managed by Karen Mustard, but we of course also lost the income from the hiring of the two offices. We have welcomed the group ReChargeR&R, who assist families that need support. They run sessions weekly at Furze Platt, Larchfield and in the Town Centre. They will be using Highview for sessions during August. Contact 01628 630000.

Highview Toy Library meets on Wednesdays from 10 am -12noon. This is a busy session and is run by Amber and Hannah, with me tagging on to assist. During the school holidays, big brothers and sisters join us and it becomes hectic. The older ones are encouraged to do colouring or puzzles.

We have just abandoned the Sunday afternoon sessions on the first Sunday of the month. Hugh and I have been setting it up and for the last three months- nobody came, and the two previous months, there was only one mother and child. it is hard to discontinue anything, but it seemed inevitable that there was no interest  on those days.

We ask all groups please to put away the armchairs, at the end of their session. The newer red and green chairs are attractive and comfortable, but hell to shift. Some groups move them into a circle and leave them there. I go down on Tuesday evenings and have to shift them. I used to drag them across the old floor, but the new surface is very easily marked. Toy Library need space for their folding slides and all the floor area is needed. I can lift a couple of them, but have resorted to dragging, which is not good for the floor. It is also more difficult for the early morning contract cleaner who has to do a sort of slalom between the chairs. I may have to ask him for a price to shift the chairs. The cost would of course be passed on to the user groups. In the meantime, the new floor is becoming scratched.

Optalis, in conjunction with the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, will be putting on a local event that will help you discover equipment and technologies that could support daily living. You will be able to access demonstrations, advice, information and visit a number of stands including Fire & Rescue, Wiltshire Farm Foods, Key Safe Co and many more
on 2nd October from 10.30am-2pm at Desborough Suite, Town Hall, Maidenhead SL6 1RF.,

In the July Newsletter, I reported that Dougal Watson had risen to stardom when he joined colleagues in Scotland to play Indoor Bowls for England. Dougal's mum, Linda, was bursting with pride as Dougal and his friend Carlos had gained the GOLD AWARD in the competition for Learning Disabled People. I understand that there are other contests for disabled people, but this is the only one for those with a Learning Disability. Linda tells us that Dougal is a very good player. He belongs to Desborough Indoor Bowling Club in Maidenhead. The result England GOLD, Scotland, SILVER, Wales BRONZE. Dougal hopes to go to Wales next year, to defend his title.

Our Treasurer particularly noted that our local paper had not mentioned it. We had actually informed them of this achievement., but since they dropped my Charity Matters reports, after ten years, it probably is not surprising. This is a great achievement. WELL DONE DOUGAL. WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU.

Last week, Patrick returned with his magic. This is always a very popular eventing.
There are special evenings planned for August. They will have their own BBQ on 5th and the ever-popular Bingo on 12th. Pop Goes the Choir returns on 19th. There is always a lot going on.

Wednesday Club continues in a gentle manner. We are always hoping for additional helpers, as at present, we are relying on the assistance of Carers who bring the members and lend a hand. We have one new helper. Patience joined us a few weeks ago, and had already become established. We are grateful for help provided by Colin and Margaret, joining us from Monday Club.
Jeanette's lovely cakes have become a great favourite and it is lovely to see her back with us.

 Last week, we missed Nev, when Gordon Nevill fell while walking Lexie, his energetic dog, and hurt his foot. We revived him somewhat with cake from Jeanette. He hobbled back to us this week and had actually managed to meet a friend at the pub, so recovery is underway.

We all hope that you have good holidays and are keen to write about your successes and adventures. Please let us know about them.

Valerie J Bosley