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Issue  No.9   September 2019.

We are told that there is no better place to discover what's available to support independent living than by attending a public event designed specifically with that in mind.
Optalis, in conjunction with the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, will be putting on a local event that will help you to discover equipment and technologies that could support daily living. As well as being able to see innovative products and demonstrations, visitors will be able to access advice and information on the day.

You can expect to see a wide variety of stands, including MedPage, Fire & Rescue, Key Safe Co, Centra, Wiltshire Farm Food, Brain to Hand, and many more, all providing advice, information and demonstrations.

This event takes place on 2nd October from 10:30am-2pm in the Desborough Suite , Town Hall, Maidenhead SL6 1RF.
If you require assistance to travel to and from the event, please contact People to Places, Community Transport Booking Line on 01628 587920, Monday to Friday, between 9:30am-12:30pm.
Free gift to the first 100 members of the public to attend on the day. At the same time, there will be an opportunity to also visit the 'Older Person's Advisory Meeting, at the same venue from 10am.

Highview recently hosted a party of our members, when Affinity, the group that had been running a number of homes, gave over the responsibility to Optalis. We are told that there will be no changes.

Highview has had a particularly busy Summer, as Highview Toy Library welcomes big brothers and sisters at the Wednesday morning sessions. The equipment is not really suitable for the older children and we don't encourage ball games in the garden. Many of them have enjoyed board games, art and craft. Some of the older children are particularly helpful with the younger people.
They all like biscuits!!!

Recharge:R&R, another of Highview's  residential groups, held weekly sessions to welcome the families that they support. These activity days were appreciated by all.

The garden at Highview has been enjoyed by all. In particular the Sensory Garden with it's hanging baskets has been particularly attractive. Much of the planting was done by Colin and Margaret of Monday Club. Most of the watering is done by Hugh, our minibus driver and disco producer. Hugh also keeps the lawn in good order.
We are enjoying the last few days of August and anticipate the oncoming Autumn.

 My own Littlewick Show is over, with materials and equipment now transported to my house which should be re-named 'Aftermath'. It will take time to get it all into the loft, with the help of friends and the garage door must only be opened with extreme caution. The Show was held on one of those gloriously hot days, to which we all so look forward. Sadly the 'gate' takings that are so much needed to pay the bills and guarantee the future of the event, were low. Many would-be- visitors had said they would have come if it had not been so hot, proving that you just cannot win.

Monday Club has enjoyed the good weather with the BBQ  organised on 5th August with much of the cooking being done in the garden with a little assistance from the kitchen. It is amazing how they can all tuck into Hot Dogs and Burgers so soon after dinner, but with the disco playing, they all had the opportunity to work off the surplus pounds.
The ever-popular Bingo was held on 12th. Most people win a prize, many of which are donated by Club members.
There was, of course no Monday Club on Bank Holiday Monday.
As we move into official Autumn, club nights continue to make use of outdoor and indoor facilities. We all expect some warm evenings, even though it gets dark much earlier.
September 2nd provides the opportunity for members to become Superstars, as they contest Bean bags, darts, Memory Game, Skittles and several other challenges. I personally feel that the top award should go to the person who is brave enough to take the score on the darts, having seen the number of holes in the wall beyond the dartboard. Most members take part and always cheer the winner.
September  9th will be a Singing/Karaoke night. It is quite amazing how the most reserved people willingly take part and become very disappointed if not invited to sing.             
On September 16th, One of the team brings an incredible amount of Lego and all members become creative. Last time, they had a similar session, some very ingenious models were built. It is a pity that it all gets eventually taken apart.
The Artwork session on 23rd September should produce some Autumn banners to adorn Highview.
The month ends with the popular Bingo.
Club nights always end with the 'Can-Can'

Wednesday Club does not vary too much, as most of the members cannot do energetic activities.
All seem to love doing jigsaw puzzles, even if most of them require considerable assistance. One lad, who cannot speak, always looks hard to see if Jeanette is in the kitchen and if a cake is on the fridge top. Then he sits down and can sort and complete a 200 piece puzzle with little help, in a short time. This obvious talent always amazes us.
Many members enjoy colouring and occasionally there is the chance to make bracelets from beads or similar objects.
Carer, Margaret brings amazing birthday cakes that she makes whenever there is the opportunity of a celebration. This week, we celebrated her own birthday and a belated greeting to Julie, with a very lovely, gooey and tasty cake. Danny, the carer/driver, brings his group, then goes into the kitchen, makes the refreshments and washes up. Needless to say, Danny is a very popular members of the team. We all appreciate the help that is given by all carers and helpers, to enable us a have a great time. Club night now regularly ends with the Hokey-Cokey.

Valerie J Bosley