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Issue  No.11   November 2019.

The beginning of November seems to be an in-between time. Highview is splendidly decorated for Halloween. Summer's gone. Almost Winter. Dark evenings. Outside, the seemingly incessant sound of fireworks and it isn't even Bonfire night for over a week. We are, however, reminded that the organisation 'Signal' has things to offer, to make life happier for the hard working carers and those that they assist.

The following Support Groups are available for carers;-

Ascot/Sunningdale Carers Support Group

2pm-3.30pm on 2nd Tuesday of the month at Recreation Hall, The Pavillion, Broomhall Lane Sunningdale, SL5 0QS.

Datchet Carers Support Group

10.30am-12noon on 3rd Wednesday of the month at Day Centre Horton Road, Allen Way Datchet SL3 9HR.

Maidenhead Carers Support Group

1-3pm on 3rd Wednesday of the month at Highview, 6 North Road, Maidenhead SL6 1PL.

Mental Health Service User and Carer Forum for Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead

2.15-3.45pm on Last Wednesday of month at St Joseph's Church, 36 Cookham Road Maidenhead SL6 7EG.

Windsor Carers Support Group

10.30am-12.30pm on 2nd Monday of the month at Dedworth Green Baptist Church Hall, Smith's Lane Windsor SL4 5PE.

Carers UK Forum;

We are told that November 21st is Carers Rights Day, although we have no information on events.

This week, it was my turn to give everybody a bit of a shock, when I suddenly had a funny event. I was helping at Highview Toy Library when I felt 'a bit strange'. I told Amber that my ears were popping and came round flat out on the kitchen floor with a toy hippo for a pillow.

The ambulance arrived in due course and my pleas to get in the car and drive home were refused. It was WPH here we come. Amber had phoned my friend David who seemed ages in coming, because he chose to come on the bus, to take my car away. As he walked around the corner from High Town Road, he met the ambulance and stopped it, asking if they had me. He got in too. Poor Amber could not understand as to why he had not arrived at Highview.

At WPH, a whole team seemed to be waiting for me. Loads of jabs, blood tests, and screens. They would not promise that I would go home that day. I was particularly anxious, because I had a meeting at St Mark's on Thursday and I did not want to miss it. I was transferred to an upstairs ward [I didn't know that WPH had an upstairs]. When they put me IN a bed I got further worried. Downstairs, I had been ON a bed. I had so many scans and blood tests that I felt there could not be much left. Seemingly every few minutes BP recording and a drip as well.

David came back with a book of word searches, so at least I had something to do on the next day.

Nev came over to take David home and I felt suddenly alone. Other patients had visitors. My visitors had gone....the guess what?..Our wonderful Jeanette appeared at my side. She stayed long after visiting hours had ended. Before she left, she tucked me up in bed and kissed me goodnight. I can't remember ever being tucked up and kissed good night. Even when I was small, I was just told it was bedtime. Maybe she would have read me a story too.!! After much persuasion, I arrived home by taxi on Thursday evening- too late for my meeting, but in time to put the waste bins out. My thanks to all. They were all wonderful, even if I did not want to be there. Of course more tablets. The extra morning one will be no problem with all the others...but how am I going to remember the one at 8pm ?

Monday Club

Monday Club celebrates Halloween in a big way. Colin and Margaret have put up splendid decorations and club members will have enjoyed the Halloween disco by the time you receive this newsletter.

There are many special evenings planned between now and the end of the year, but as some are still subject to confirmation, it is better not to list them. Each normal week, the activities alternate with Bingo, Karaoke, Superstars . Artwork and games. All are very important and are much enjoyed.

Maybe this is a time to make an additional plea for minibus assistance. Now that I have become a bit extra slow, I only count myself as emergency relief. If I did all the escorting, club members would arrive just as club ended. On most weeks, Hugh and Derek do the driving and escorting between them. Hugh lives nearby, but works in Marlow. He is rarely late and seldom misses, but there are times when his train is cancelled and he could be delayed. Derek has family commitments that occasionally take him elsewhere. There are therefore times, when I need a driver/escort NOW. Last Monday, Derek had hurt his hand and was unable to drive or escort, as he could not manage the seatbelt. I too had a 'bit of a problem' and could not do the outgoing Monday Club run. Hugh drove alone. This is not a big problem, because all club members are responsible and most have their own phones, but it is not a situation that we every expected. I was able to drive down and do the home run with Hugh.

Monday Club has many helpers, but they are not available before 7pm, so cannot help with the bus. This assistance is rarely needed, but we have just had an occasion for the first time ever, when the bus has gone out unescorted. Volunteers please to me, VB 01628 630622. May I also remind you that you should contact me 01628 630622, if your club member is not coming. We recently had a few wasted trips as nobody told us that the residents were going on holiday, and we could not get an answer from the home.

Wednesday Club continues in it's gentle way. All members enjoy their jigsaw puzzles, colouring and the occasional craft work. Resident disco- man Hugh provides an excellent evening of music and now he has the Hokey-cokey, there is no stopping him. All carers and helpers instantly grab a wheelchair, when the music starts.

Now the BIG NEWS is that we shall be having our usual Pre-Christmas Bazaar. This year it will be held on Sunday 1st December from 2-5pm, of course at Highview 6 North Road Maidenhead SL6 1PL. This is not intended to become a fundraising event. It is really just a social occasion- a get-together- an opportunity to meet each other socially. Even so, we welcome the odd bring and buy items and will probably hold a raffle too. this date has been chosen to enable the Monday Club's High level team to put up the Christmas decorations.


Please join us for the Christmas Bazaar
Highview, 6 North Road, Maidenhead SL6 1PL
Sunday 1st December
from 2-5pm.

Valerie J Bosley